Person Specification

Qualifications (E= Essential, D = Desirable)

• BSc in Dietetics under a training programme approved by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) (E)
• Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration (E)
• Able to operate at an advanced level of clinical practice (E)
• Pre-reg MSc in Dietetics under a training programme approved by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) (D)
• Completed or working towards a Supplementary Prescribing qualification (D)
• Non-medical prescribing qualification (D)
• Evidence of verification against the dietetic primary care road-map (D)

• Significant experience in applying the dietetic process to include dietetic assessment, interpretation, individual care planning, motivation, monitoring and evaluation of highly specialised dietetic treatment (E)
• Working knowledge of Microsoft and GPIT systems, alongside prescribing data monitoring systems (E)
• Experience of senior level decision making and delivery in a changing environment (E)
• Working towards advanced clinical practitioner status (D)
• Previous supervisory experience (D)
• Experience of working with a diverse range of stakeholders (D)
• Cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing approaches / skills (D)
• Experience of working with patients with learning disability and young people (D)

Analytical Skills
• Able to understand and analyse complex issues and balance competing priorities in order to make difficult decisions (E)
• Ability to analyse and interpret complex/often incomplete information pre-empt and evaluate issues, recommend and implement an appropriate course of action to address the issues (E)
• Experience of working within a primary care setting (D)
• Evidence of working across organisational boundaries within health and social care (D)
• Independent thinker with demonstrated good judgement, problem-solving and analytical skills (D)

Communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills with the ability to evidence a sound understanding of the NHS principles and values excellent interpersonal and communication skills (E)
* Able to influence and persuade others articulating a balanced view and be able to constructively question information (E)
• Evidence of inspiring and motivating teams with the ability to communicate passionately, effectively and persuasively across a
diverse set of stakeholder’s ability to negotiate effectively (D)
• Build effective relationships with a range of stakeholders which are based on openness, honesty, trust and confidence (D)

Personal attributes & abilities
• Strong and inspirational leadership with the ability to co-ordinate and prioritise workloads (E)
* Able to multi-task as well as be self disciplined and highly motivated demonstrates a flexible approach in order to ensure patient care is delivered (E)
• High degree of personal credibility, emotional intelligence, patience and flexibility to cope with unpredictable situations (D)
* Confident in facilitating and challenging others (D)

Vacancy Details

The dietitian will be a highly skilled, senior practitioner, with expert knowledge in the management of patients’ dietary issues and conditions. They will work as an integral part of the MDT within the PCN.

WREN PCN is looking to employ a dietitian who will provide interventions for the patients primarily focusing on obesity, weight management, type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes from initial clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of their care within set patient groups. They will demonstrate safe, clinical decision-making and expert care for patients within the general practice. The postholder will work closely with the PCN multi-disciplinary team, giving expert knowledge in the management of patient’s dietary issues and conditions. They will work closely with MDT to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures, providing dietetic leadership as required.