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What is Social Care?

The focus of Social Care is on maximising each person’s opportunity to be independent and live in and contribute to their community. We base our approach on working with individuals to find the best solutions to problems and uphold and respect their human rights.

Social Care providers often work with people for long periods allowing them to build strong and supportive relationships. Social Care professionals work holistically, frequently working with other services such a housing and the NHS to support vulnerable people.

What activities and services are part of the social care sector?

The main services that social care providers offer are generally divided into the following groups –

  • ‘Care at Home’ which is care provided in peoples own homes, including shared accommodation often called ‘Supported Living’ and care provided in Extra Care retirement housing which may have an on-site care team.
  • Residential care can be with or without nursing care. In residential care the accommodation and care are provided. If a care home provides nursing care there will be a nursing team on site 24/7.
  • Day time activities can be offered either building based or in the community. It involves a wide range of activities and opportunities for the person using the service. This can include supported employment, rehabilitation and reablement support, social activities and personal care.
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