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Careers in Health
and Social Care

Our Careers and Engagement team across the Lancashire and South Cumbria region provide a wealth of opportunities for people to be inspired and supported into their dream career in Health and Social Care.

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What we offer
  • Apprenticeships

    Our dedicated teams have all the information and guidance to support people into apprenticeships within health and social care. Our apprenticeship provision is broad and provides opportunities for people to pursue exciting careers in which they can excel and progress. Currently, we have apprentices employed in many areas across our sector including leadership, catering, nursing, governance, engineering, pharmacy, finance, health and safety, administration, IT etc.

  • Career Insight Weeks for Under 16s

    These inspirational career insight weeks give young people aged 14 – 16 the chance to gain hands-on practical experience in the hospital setting. They gain ‘behind the scenes’ access to areas of the hospital such as theatres and catering tours. Clinical teams and professionals from across the hospital present interactive workshops, allowing our students to be informed and inspired on their first step to visualising their healthcare career.

  • Work Experience for Over 16s

    Our teams are proud to support people on their career journeys. An essential tool is the work we do in creating work experience opportunities. We can support people in gaining experience in both clinical and non-clinical roles, and it is a valuable opportunity for someone to gather practical insight that will enhance any CV or job application.

  • Work Ready and Step into Work Programmes

    Throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria, we link up with colleges and job centres to create programmes that support people into employment. They include developing knowledge and skills through course study that are specific to the healthcare sector and will bring a positive impact to an individual’s CV. They also include essential work-based placements, in an array of roles from estates and facilities to wards and community.

  • Internships and Supported Internships

    Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System are proud to support the delivery of a diverse workforce. Part of that includes a supported internship, where people with learning disabilities gain work based skills by exploring caring roles within the hospital. Supported by a mentor and NHS staff, they develop a portfolio of observation and clinical skills, enabling aspirations into future paid employment.