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Creating Careers: A Step Ahead Health & Care Programme

NORTH WEST  Creating Careers: A Step Ahead Programme is live. It is designed to help you build an online portfolio of evidence and gain vital knowledge, skills and insight through in person and online activities relating to specific Health & Social Care experiences. 13+ & Free

Creating Careers: A Step Ahead Programme 

Build your skills, knowledge and experience in health and care with support from a team of experts, taking you a step ahead.

13+ Free

Duration: Lifelong Learning

Once you register for this programme. You will have access to the following activities:

  • Online learning modules combined with online and in – person experiences like mock interviews  and healthcare visits.
  • Build a Health Proof portfolio of work to show your commitment and experience on  CVs , UCAS applications and personal statements.
  • Bespoke support from information, advice and guidance specialists
  • Access opportunities locally in real health and care environments
  • Obtain digital certificates upon completion
  • Creating Careers: A Step Ahead is recognised by Health Education England and partners across the North West as a commitment to developing your knowledge , skills and attitudes towards a future career in health and care organisations.
  • Access to Creating Careers Season 1 & 2 activities
  • Complete mandatory and self -chosen activities to complete the first 2 modules of the programme

‘Scroll down the page to register. Once registered, your school or college will be informed of your involvement and progress on the programme.



For me gaining this useful knowledge provided me with so much hope for my future, even more so than I had before! Discussing the values within the NHS constitution and tips and tricks in how to ace interviews with healthcare employers and Universities is one of the many aspects of the session which made me realise how glad and grateful I was to be on the Creating Careers Taster Day! I can’t quite put into words how phenomenal the day actually was!


To register for this programme, click below. We will then be in touch soon with
further information and joining links for this event.  Once registered, your school or college will be informed of your involvement and progress on the programme.