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Creating Careers: A Step Ahead Launch Event

Creating Careers: A Step Ahead launch event

As we continue to recover from Covid19. Our health and care organisations are under pressure to provide in person experiences to aid young people in demonstrating their knowledge, skills and experience towards meeting course, job interview requirements , apprenticeship applications, T-Level evidence, internships, work experience requirements and also accessing volunteering opportunities or relating experiences to employment criteria and specifications. Thus, Creating Careers: A Step Ahead has been developed. 

Step Ahead is a blended learning programme designed for self learning opportunities and will give young people multiple opportunities to gain insights into what is expected of them both academically and practically when exploring a particular role or career pathway in healthcare.

This programme is designed for 14 years up and is an opportunity for them to build up knowledge, skills and experience over two stages which are recognised by our health and care organisations and will be recognised evidence towards progress into a healthcare course, opportunity or career.

Key programme features – 

  • Digital Portfolio for life long learning
  • Build a Health Proof portfolio of work to show your commitment and experience on CV’s, UCAS Applications and personal statements
  • Online and In person programme
  • Bespoke support is given throughout by information, advice and guidance specialists
  • Access opportunities locally in real Health and Care environments
  • Creating Careers digital: A Step Ahead certificate on completion
  • Recognised by Health Education England and partners across the North West