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Masterclass: A Week in the Role of a Male Social Worker


17th November 2:00pm-4:00pm

In the modern age, it may be surprising that our nation still holds beliefs about gendered stereotypes and professions, but social work charity Frontline’s recent study revealed that is it still very much a problem. Almost half of men aged between 18 and 30 believe in gender stereotypes surrounding certain career paths, and just 14% of children’s Social Workers in England are male (Frontline, 2022; MyLondon, 2022). But where does this preconception come from and how does it impact the male social workers in their day-to-day work?

Social Work is often see as a feminine, caring role, but there are many different values required of these professionals, broaching the typical gender barriers we see every day in the social sector. In particular, it is important that we have plenty of male role models and professionals for young people to look up to. Many of these service users might have had poor relationships with men, or have no significant ‘father figure’ in their life.

With social care in the North-West predicting a 23% increase in its workforce by 2035 (SkillsforCare, 2021), it is critical that services use this opportunity to become more diverse and intersectional, with more male social workers as well as those professionals from other under-represented characteristic groups.

Join us to explore the role of a social worker, how gender can impact situations and resolutions, and where the next steps are for our future workforces. We’ll explore the essential nature of a diverse workforce and how it can impact on those service users most in need.



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