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Boosting Your Employability: The Ultimate Employment Programme

Recording of Day 1: Welcome & Introduction     Recording of Day 2: Introduction to the Care Certificate      Recording of Day 3: Role Session, AHPs

Recording of Day 4: CV Building      Recording of Day 5: Confidence Boosting Activity      Recording of Day 6: Care Certificate Continued

Recording of Day 7: Employability, Lived Experiences     Recording of Day 8: Sample Interview Task 1       Recording of Day 9: Confidence Building, E-Learning

Recording of Day 10: Care Certificate and E-LfH Hub      Recording of Day 11: NHS Roles Session      Recording of Day 12: Sample Interview Task 2

Recording of Day 13: Navigating the Application Process      Recording of Day 14: Care Certificate, Employer Guidance     

Recording of Day 16: Values Based Recruitment       Recording of Day 17: Interview Preparation Support


This detailed virtual employment programme is aimed to give people a full understanding of the clinical and non-clinical NHS and Care job roles available. The programme will provide opportunities to undertake the virtual elements of the Care Certificate whilst developing knowledge, skills and understanding of how to build your CV, how to navigate the application process and interview skills. 

Through this programme, we hope to provide a multitude of opportunities to support and provide training, enabling people back into work.  The training will have a virtual format. 

This virtual employability programme is your opportunity to spend a period of time learning about a range of different job roles whilst developing your employability skills.  Our aim is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to give them confidence of attaining knowledge and skills and enabling them back in to work. 

  • Duration will be 5 weeks
  • The input will be at 10.00am each day
  • Range of delivered and self-led sessions aimed at developing your skills and understanding of roles within NHS and Care
  • You will be set a number of virtual tasks to complete 
  • Programmes require Laptop and Microsoft office/ publisher, PowerPoint 
  • CV building
  • Interview techniques and skills
  • Mock Interviews
  • Care Certificate
  • Confidence Building
Event Details
  • Location: Virtual
  • Date: December 2nd 2021
  • Time: 10:00
  • Will this programme lead to employment?

    The aim of the programme is to support participants to develop their skills and knowledge of how to navigate the application process and the interview.  Throughout the programme, we will help to sign post participants and to showcase a range of different opportunities and roles.  Many of the sessions include skills development.  However, we do not guarantee employment as a result of coming on to our programme.

  • How long does each session last?

    The sessions last one hour, but there are breaks and some sessions are self-led, so you can work at your own pace.