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CV and Application Master Class

This short course is ideal for those people who want to produce a highly valued CV that is structured and contains the correct skill set for the job role you are aiming for. You will also learn about cover letters and professional statements if required.

You will learn:

How to structure a CV. You will learn about your own skill set and how to integrate these into the CV along with how to provide examples of how you have demonstrated these skills. You will learn how to structure a cover letter as well as the content. This will involve you learning how to research a particular company that you may wish to apply to.

You will be learning through a series of online research as well as your own personal input during the course. From here the the tutor will be able to guide you on what should be included on your CV. The tutor will check your CV with you and give you further guidance

Your tutor will give you feedback on your progress. You will also be able to monitor your own progress with your tutor as you will be able to see a starting point at the beginning of the course and evaluate your finished product at the end of the session.

This is aimed at any adult who wants to upskill and update their CV and learn more about the application process either online or handwritten.

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