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Jessica Muchewicz: Apprenticeship Case Study  

Age: 35 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Applied Sciences 

Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching  Hospitals? 

I was already an existing member of staff at the Trust and my manager was  keen for me to have the chance to progress in my career and because my  qualifications were limited, I was put forward and given this opportunity to  further them.  

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? 

I thoroughly enjoy my role working in the laboratory and have gained so much  knowledge and experience. I love the team I work with and enjoy the job I do. 

What are your proudest achievements during your time as an apprentice? 

I am not the ‘conventional apprentice’ as I was already a full time member of  staff. I was given the opportunity to undertake the apprenticeship to be able to  progress in my career as my manager must have had faith in my ability. Since  beginning the apprenticeship I have progressed to a higher band – I am now a  Senior Medical Laboratory Assistant, which I would not be able to be if I was  not on this course or going to complete it. 

What are your plans after completing your apprenticeship? 

I have struggled with doing ‘school work’ again as it has been so long! I have  not really thought about any further education after this, I am able to progress  to a Band 4 with this qualification which I never dreamt of when starting this  role. I probably won’t continue with any education; however I won’t rule it out  completely.