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Samuel Cowell Business Administration Apprentice

Samuel Cowell Apprentice

Business administration apprentice Samuel Cowell wanted a more hands-on approach to education and wanted to get his foot in the door of working life.

Samuel said: “I felt that apprenticeships were the best way forward for me to be supported in the workplace, so I got a feeling of productivity as well. Being supported in the working environment is a necessity because that is what nurtures the roots of the tree for it to grow.”

Samuel had high expectations – and he says they have been exceeded. “The experience of my apprenticeship has been phenomenal, I feel like I have been in the ideal environment with ideal expectations and felt as though everybody at my workplace has made it their mission to support me through everything.”

“Before coming to the trust I had no idea of what would be expected of me. I left school without much experience and I couldn’t imagine myself in an office environment – but it has been the best decision I have made and I am grateful to be on a journey with Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.”

Samuel’s contract is due to end next March and he hopes to secure a permanent role in the trust. “I am pleased to see that apprenticeships are gaining more media attention. When I was at school it was our job to do the digging around to find what different apprenticeships had to offer.”

“To know I am now an exemplar for apprenticeships, I am eager to influence the next wave of apprentices, and inspire other people to get involved.”

“It is my mission to strive for excellence and to be the best version of myself to maximise my potential. I want to keep showcasing my can-do attitude so that when the time comes for my contract to end, that I am a highly considerable asset to have in a team.”